Nordhorn Brettchen Open 2007 at 28.04.2007

Dear table tennis friends!!

The table tennis department of SV Eintracht Nordhorn is planning the seventh open hardbat tournament of Nordhorn for Saturday, April 28th, 2007. After the disappointing number of entries of the sixth tournament that we blame on the late and unsuited date during the soccer world cup 2006 we have fixed the tournament this year to an earlier date. We hope that short time after the end of the team competitions much more table tennis players are interested than last year in mid June.

This time again four tournament events are offered. For the adults we have three events, so that also the players of lower level will get a true chance to win. In the event "Men II" all players of regional level are eligible, who just seldom play with a hardbat. For all hobby hardbat players of just local level the event "Men III" is offered.

True hardbat players who always play with the hard rubber racket are only eligible in the "Men I" event. There they meet the hobby hardbat players of international and national level. Women also may take part at "Nordhorn Brettchen Open". Due to their playing level they will be categorized to the suitable men's event.

The fourth event if offered just for the young players. At the last tournaments some juniors took part with great fun, and so they again will get the chance to find their winner under players of the same age in an own event for juniors. Here also girls, cadet boys and cadet girls may start.

With "Nordhorn Brettchen Open" this different kind of table tennis - in the USA well-known under the name hardbat - shall be made more popular in Germany. So just hardbat rackets with pimpled rubber coverings are to be used. In a general sense we play here with the materials which were used nearly by each table tennis player in the 1950's before the advent of sponge rackets and which thus offered practically the same conditions for all players. Here none is to win only because his opponents did not get along with his long pimples, his anti, his trick services or his turbo-loops. Here all are to play with almost same material (just hardbat) and at the end the best player is to win and not the best covering.

The two ITTF rules A 4.6 (demand for a red and a black covering) and B 2.1.3 (demand for the ITTF permission of the coverings) are not considered with this tournament. That happens, so that also completely simple hardbat rackets for 2,90 from the department store or such which are already decades old can be used. At our tournament all kinds of pimpled rubber are permitted, the classical ones with the playing characteristics of the 30's and 40's as well as such ones being developped after 1952. Crucial is only that it is a hardbat (with short pimples out without sponge).

We keep ready 50 loaner hardbat rackets of good quality for such players, who do not bring along an own racket accepted for this tournament.

The hardbat tournaments held so far in our region were very much fun for all participants and showed how attractive this kind of the table tennis game is. We can promise long rallies, that really earn this name, matches worth seeing with attack against defense, services, which just open the rally and do not terminate it at the same moment, and points, which one must fight very hard for. We request everybody not to let pass this pleasure without participation!