Nordhorn Brettchen Open 2011 at 21.05.2011

Tournament Information
Name of Tournament: Nordhorn Brettchen Open 2011
Organiser: TTC Eintracht Nordhorn
Events: Men's Singles I, Men's Doubles I,
Men's Singles II, Men's Doubles II,
Men's Singles III, Men's Doubles III,
Boy's Singles, Boy's Doubles,
Cadet's Singles, Cadet's Doubles.

Since no separate events for female players are offered, women may start with the men and girls with the boys resp. cadets.
Venue: Gymnasium of Frensdorf school; Krefelder Straίe;
48529 Nordhorn; Tournament telephone 0049/172/2326079.
Format: Singles: Preliminary round in groups of four players each, who play Round Robin, and final round with first and second of each group in knock-out system. If feasible, consolation round for third and fourth of each group in knock-out system.
Doubles: Knock-out system
Games: best of five (11 point games)
Participation: international open tournament
Eligibility: Valid player passport and/or entry on valid players authorization list. Foreign players must be eligible for a table tennis club in their country or must be a member of the national table tennis organization.
Jury: 3 persons from different clubs, who are named at the tournament day
Tables: 12 JOOLA 2000-S
Nets: Imperial-Weltmeister
Balls: andro three star white; 40 mm
Date: Saturday, May 21, 2011 at 14.00 o'clock.
The doubles competition will start after the end of the preliminary rounds of the singles competition.
Categorization: The age scheme of season 2010/2011 is applied.
The league scheme at the end of season 2010/2011 is applied as follows:

Men I:  open for all women and men;
Men II: open for all men with regional playing level (Bezirksoberliga/Bezirksliga/Bezirksklasse and below) and for all women with high regional playing level (below 2. Bundesliga);
Men III: open for all men with local playing level (Kreisliga/Kreisklasse and below) and for all women with regional playing level (below Landesliga).

Men:             born before 01.01.1993
Boys:           born after 31.12.1992
Cadets:        born after 31.12.1995

Two entries of one person in different classes are not permitted (singles and doubles of one class is considered as one entry).
Tournament Director: Hilmar Heinrichmeyer, Heinrichstr. 17, 44137 Dortmund; Tel. 0049/231/148224 (p), E-Mail:
Management Committee: Walter Maatmann, Fabian Veldboer
Entries:  Until Thursday, May 19, 2011 (mail arrival) to Hilmar Heinrichmeyer, Heinrichstr. 17, 44137 Dortmund; Tel. 0049/231/148224 (p), E-Mail:
Late entries: Entries, which are not present up to May 19, 2011, are considered as late entries and will cost 2.- € late entry fee per person additionally to the entry fee. Please deliver your late entry per mail or on tournament day until 15 min. before start of tournament to the cash desk. Late entries per telephone are not accepted!
Draw: Friday, May 20, 2011 at 20.00 o'clock in gymnasium of Frensdorf school
Awards:  Prize money (men) and goods vouchers (boys and cadets) for the first four players in singles and the first two pairs in doubles:

                                      1st place  2nd place  3rd place  3rd place
Men's Singles I                40,- €        20,- €      10,- €      10,- €
Men's Doubles I              20,- €        10,- €
Men's Singles II               40,- €        20,- €      10,- €      10,- €
Men's Doubles II             20,- €        10,- €
Men's Singles III              40,- €        20,- €      10,- €      10,- €
Men's Doubles III            20,- €        10,- €
Boy's Singles                  40,- €        20,- €      10,- €      10,- €
Boy's Doubles                20,- €        10,- €
Cadet's Singles              40,- €        20,- €      10,- €      10,- €
Cadet's Doubles            20,- €        10,- €
Entry fee: men:             8 € per player (contains singles and doubles);
boys:            4 € per player (contains singles and doubles);
cadets:         4 € per player (contains singles and doubles).
The entry fee has to be paid until 15 min. before start of tournament at the cash desk.
Entry fee reduction: For clubs and groups of 4 (resp. 10) and more starting players entry fee is reduced by 25% (resp. 50%).
A group consists of players of several clubs, who made a gathered entry until entry date.
Accommodation:  Accommodation questions please send to Hilmar Heinrichmeyer, Heinrichstr. 17, 44137 Dortmund; Tel. 0049/231/148224 (p), E-Mail:
Cafeteria: In the gymnasium warm and cold meals and beverages are offered.
Clothing: Table tennis playing garment is obligation. The gymnasium may be entered only in not-coloring sport shoes.
Laws of the Game: The tournament is a modern hardbat tournament, not a classic hardbat tournament. It will be played according to the ITTF Laws (German version; restrictions see below), the Laws of the DTTB and the implementing regulations and the "Rechts- und Disziplinarordnung" of the TTVN.

The ITTF rule A 4.3 (racket coverings) will be changed as follows: A side of the blade used for striking the ball must be covered with ordinary pimpled rubber with pimples outwards having a total thickness including adhesive of not more than 2 mm (no sponge). Long pimples with a relationship between pimple length and pimple diameter (aspect ratio) of more than 0.9 (according to ITTF-list of permitted racket coverings) are not permitted, even if they are used without sponge.

The ITTF rules A 4.6 (red/black) and B 2.1.3 (ITTF permission) are not considered with this tournament.

An exemplary list of racket coverings, which are permitted for the tournament, is on page "Brettchen-Belδge" (groups A, B and C). There we also have a list of long pimples out coverings, which are not permitted because of disregard of above pimples geometry (group D).

We are prepared to give 50 loaner hardbats of good quality (Wood: TSP Picco/Rubber: TSP Miracle) to players without a racket permitted for this tournament. Who needs such a loaner hardbat should tell us that with his entry.

The management committee is allowed to make changes to the tournament rules if necessary.
Permission: Table Tennis Association of Lower Saxony (TTVN) with permission no. 11/05 - 3
Ranking lists: The results of this tournament won't be used for the new JOOLA table tennis ranking list at

However, they will be used at next update for the German hardbat ranking list at