Nordhorn Brettchen Open 2020 at 25./26.04.2020

Tournament news
Tue., 14.04.2020 - Nordhorn Brettchen Open 2020 cancelled due to COVID-19 pandemic

Just less than two weeks before the scheduled tournament date, it is becoming apparent that until then there will be no normality in daily life. The COVID 19 pandemic will make table tennis operations impossible or at least severely disrupt them well beyond this date. Therefore it is only logical to cancel now the tournament for 2020 without replacement. No attempt will be made to look for an alternative date in the rest of the current year. All that remains is the hope that life in Germany and Europe will return to normality in spring 2021 and that the 20th edition of the tournament can take place then. The search for a date began today, but is made more difficult by the fact that the pandemic has also made many of the dates already planned for 2021 questionable again. Perhaps it will be possible to announce the date for 2021 by the end of this year.

Sun., 15.03.2020 - Will the Nordhorn Brettchen Open 2020 take place as planned?

No one can give an answer to this question at the present time. On Friday, the TT Association of Lower Saxony announced that all table tennis competitions are prohibited in Lower Saxony until April 17th. So the tournament could of course take place one week after the end of the ban. However, given the current course of the Corona pandemic, it is not at all impossible that the deadline of 17 April will be extended in the coming weeks, possibly far beyond the planned tournament weekend of 25/26 April 2020. We have decided not to cancel the tournament at this point in time and to wait and see how the next few weeks develop. Since the most important preparations have already been completed, we can afford to postpone the decision about the execution or cancellation. We will report about the decisions here and in the click-TT tournament calendar of the TTVN in due course. Until then we continue to assume that the tournament will take place.

Sun., 16.02.2020 - Nordhorn Brettchen Open is 2020 the only open tournament in the new table tennis regional federation Ems-Vechte

After the merger of the two district associations Emsland and Grafschaft Bentheim last summer, to which the table tennis department of the NBO organiser has belonged for all 55 years of its existence, SV Vorwärts Nordhorn is now a member of the table tennis regional federation Ems-Vechte. And even though the catchment area of the new regional federation is four times as large as that of Grafschaft Bentheim, this does not change the fact that the NBO is the only internationally open tournament in the new regional federation. Unfortunately, the former major tournaments of ESV Lingen and SV Union Meppen are no longer held in Emsland. Although the regional association itself organises two open tournaments - the Grafschafter Vorgabeturnier and the Emsländische Nostalgie-Cup, these tournaments are only open to players from the clubs of the Ems-Vechte region. And also the PingPongParkinson German Open, held this year for the first time by SV Vorwärts Nordhorn, are open internationally, but only for players with Parkinson's disease. For all players worldwide only the NBO are open in this region!

Sun., 16.02.2020 - Please do not report doubles yet!

The SV Vorwärts Nordhorn points out that it is currently too early for double entries. In Nordhorn these can only be handed in on the day of the tournament, orally at the tournament management. In this way the tournament management saves the annoying work with re-registrations of doubles, because on the tournament day they only have to deal with final double registrations, which consist exclusively of players who actually arrived. Therefore it is pointless to register for doubles now - the registration list will only be opened on the tournament Saturday.

Mon., 10.02.2020 - What does "TTR-related" and "TTR-relevant" actually mean?

Since the quarterly TTR values from the JOOLA ranking list have played a decisive role in all tournaments in Germany for several years now, we have to point out two differences which are very important for our tournament: All classes of the NBO 2020 are "TTR-related" - this means that the class classification "refers" to the Q-TTR values of February 11, 2020. These values are therefore decisive for the class classification in the hardbat and clickball classes. However, the NBO 2020 are not "TTR-relevant" - the results are therefore not included in the JOOLA ranking and therefore have no "relevance" for the ranking. This applies to the four hardbat classes on Saturday as well as to the two clickball classes on Sunday. Not only our classical tournament is not TTR-relevant - in principle no hardbat and clickball tournaments can be TTR-relevant at all, because they are not played 1:1 according to the international TT-rules, but with deviations from them (especially regarding the racket material). So, nobody has to be afraid that by participating in our tournament his TTR value will deteriorate - on the other hand, a good performance in our tournament will not improve it either!

Sat., 08.02.2020 - Acquisition of participants has started

At the first tournament day of the Veterans 50-Landesliga West in the gymnasium of the Anne-Frank-Schule in Nordhorn, the announcements for the NBO 2020 were laid out for the first time, in order to draw the attention of the tournament participants from eight Lower Saxony clubs to this year's tournament in Nordhorn. This means that the advertising of participants with the paper tenders has started very early this year, with which the Nordhorn tournament will be pointed out in addition to the Internet advertising.

Fri., 07.02.2020 - Women and girls are also welcome in the NBO 2020

Even though there are no separate classes for ladies and girls at the Nordhorn Brettchen Open, women and girls are once again very welcome in Nordhorn on both tournament days. They are eligible to compete in all six classes. The women - just like the men and boys - will be divided into the four hardbat tournament classes (up to 1200/up to 1400/up to 1600/up to 3000) or into the two clickball classes (up to 1600/up to 3000) according to their Q-TTR values from the JOOLA ranking list.

Thu., 06.02.2020 - Entries for the NBO also possible via myTischtennis

We would like to point out that also this year the reporting for the NBO is possible via the table tennis portal myTischtennis. Until the entry deadline on Thursday, April 23rd, all TT players registered there can choose this way to submit their entry for the individual competitions. An additional mail is then not necessary.

Wed., 05.02.2020 - Tournament news now also in English

For a long time now, the tournament announcement, the preview and the tournament report of the NBO have been available in English. Since this year the tournament news are also added. In view of the international participation in the oldest German tournament for classical table tennis, this is a good opportunity for the foreign interested parties to inform themselves about the preparation of the tournament and the details.

Wed., 05.02.2020 - Clickball bats are available for sale

It is not easy to get the official rackets of the World Championships of Ping Pong in Germany. The SV Vorwärts Nordhorn still offers a total of 36 official clickball bats with the light blue sandpaper for sale. Most of the rackets are as good as new and are no longer used in the Nordhorn tournament, as the light grey sandpaper rackets from Carlton have been used since 2019. As a training opportunity, especially for new clickball enthusiasts, the light blue rackets are still very suitable.

Wed., 05.02.2020 - NBO ideal training opportunity for the 8th German Clickball Cup

This year, the German Clickball Championships will take place in the middle of the year, as in the previous year, on 20/21 June 2020, again in Fulda at FV Horas Fulda. The tournament in Fulda is open to all German players and takes place exactly eight weeks after the NBO. Thus, the Nordhorn Tournament once again offers an excellent opportunity for all local starters to prepare for the German Championships under competitive conditions. We hope that some of the best German Clickball players will start in Nordhorn and that the traditionally in Nordhorn strongly represented starters from the Netherlands, Belgium and France will meet an equal German competition this year.

Wed., 05.02.2020 - Tournament information in paper form completed

The tournament announcement for the Nordhorn Brettchen Open 2020, which again consists of a four-page leaflet in DIN A5 format, has now been completed early. Never before has tournament organizer Hilmar Heinrichmeyer managed to complete the preparatory work up to the printing of the announcements as early as at this year's anniversary tournament. Just less than three months before the tournament, the recruitment of participants at other events can now start.

Tue., 04.02.2020 - Internet information completed early

The tournament homepage of the Nordhorn Brettchen Open has now been updated - as early as not for a long time - and provides all information about the tournament in 2020. This includes the announcement, the English translation of the announcement, a Word and pdf version of the announcement for download and the directions to the hall of the Anne Frank School.

Tue., 04.02.2020 - Nordhorn Brettchen Open 2020 now officially approved

By appropriate processing in the tournament module of click-TT, the TTVN has today, only one day after the application, granted the tournament permission for the requested 20th edition of the Nordhorn Brettchen Open. The tournament can now be found in the tournament calendar of click-TT Niedersachsen with its announcement details. At the same place the participants and the results will be shown after the tournament.

Mon., 03.02.2020 - Application for tournament permission now completed

SV Vorwärts Nordhorn's tournament director Hilmar Heinrichmeyer has now entered the application for tournament approval for the 20th edition of the Nordhorn Brettchen Open into the tournament module of click-TT and is now waiting for approval by the TT Association of Lower Saxony, which is responsible for the approval of internationally open tournaments.

Mon., 03.02.2020 - Bernhard Portheine again active as head referee

The head referee for the oldest hardbat tournament in Germany has been appointed: The Nordhorn association referee Bernhard Portheine will be on duty again on both days. Thanks to his promise, SV Vorwärts Nordhorn will save the travel expenses for a referee with the appropriate qualification who lives further away.

Sat., 25.01.2020 - Three frequent NBO starters play in the Ally Pally for the World Championship of Ping Pong

At the 9th World Championship of Ping Pong in London's Alexandra Palace, Hilmar Heinrichmeyer was able to welcome three frequent participants in the Nordhorn Brettchen Open among the 64 world's best clickball players who had qualified for the World Championship. While it is already the third start for Gilles Hébert from Belgium and the second start for Yohan Lecomte from France, the Dutchman Roland Vijverberg will start in London as a newcomer.

Mon., 20.01.2020 - Discount system for entry fees remains in place

For the 20th NBO, the SV Vorwärts Nordhorn will continue to charge a uniform entry fee of €10 for adults and €5 for junior players, which is unchanged for the seventh time. As before, clubs will be able to reduce their entry fee through two different discounts. If there are four or more players on one day, the discount for that day is 25%, clubs with ten or more players on one day even only have to pay half of the entry fee on that day. Of course, the discounts only come into effect if the registered players actually start and are not just "registered". Therefore, each day will be evaluated on its own merits.

Mon., 20.01.2020 - There will still be two clickball classes in 2020

In 2020 there will again be two clickball classes. This will give even the not so powerful players a chance to win a tournament. The Clickball II class will be open up to 1600 TTR points, so that over 90% of the local players will be eligible to play in it.

Mon., 20.01.2020 - This year again four hardbat classes are offered

As in the last six years, there will be no hardbat classes divided by age in 2020, but all players - regardless of age and gender - will be divided into four classes based on Q-TTR values, separated by playing strength. While the main Hardbat I class is open to all (up to 3000), the Hardbat II class remains at a maximum of 1600 TTR points, Hardbat III at 1400 points and the Hardbat IV class at 1200 TTR points. Classes III and IV are likely to be the classes where most of the young players will find themselves, and where they will meet the men and women from the lowest divisions. Decisive for the tournament will be the Q-TTR values from the JOOLA ranking list of 11.02.2020.

Wed., 08.01.2020 - 20th Nordhorn Brettchen Open definitely on April 25 and 26, 2020

Now that it has been determined that the sports hall of the Anne Frank School on von-Behring-Straße will be available on the desired date in the second quarter of the year, April 25 and 26, the anniversary edition of the Nordhorn Brettchen Open will be held again this weekend as a hardbat and clickball tournament. Therefore 12 tournament tables will be set up again. The further details of the tournament will be determined in the next few days, whereby the proven mode of the previous years will remain almost unchanged. Due to the proximity in time to the 1st PPP German Open one week before at the same place, SV Vorwärts hopes for some synergies in the preparation of both events.

Mon., 26.12.2019 - 1st PingPongParkinson German Open in Nordhorn in mid-April

Almost 20 years to the day after the idea of the Nordhorn Brettchen Open, Thorsten Boomhuis from Nordhorn has now put a new tournament on its feet: He is now preparing the first international open German Championships in table tennis for people suffering from Parkinson's disease for the weekend 18th/19th April 2020, in short PPP German Open. After Boomhuis actively participated in the 1st Parkinson's Table Tennis World Championships in Pleasantville near New York in October (where he also became World Champion in doubles), he is working hard to make table tennis better known as a possible form of therapy for Parkinson's patients. To this end, several international open championships are to be installed worldwide, including in Germany, where SV Vorwärts has now taken the initiative. Like the NBO, the tournament will be held in the gym of the Anne Frank School at 12 tables, one week before the desired date for the 20th Nordhorn Brettchen Open.

Thu., 15.08.2019 - Two dates are possible for the Nordhorn Brettchen Open 2020

As possible dates for the 20th edition of the Nordhorn Brettchen Open, two weekends in April and May 2020 have now been identified: So the tournament will be played either on 24/26.04. or on 15/16.05.2020. Now only the hall question has to be finally clarified.