Nordhorn Brettchen Open 2007 at 28.04.2007

Franz-Josef Hürmann is the first player with a second tournament victory in the main class

Nordhorn (HH). In the seventh implementation of Nordhorn Brettchen Open some series have been broken. First time it was a former title holder to win again in the main class. This was assured by the currently strongest German hardbat player, Franz-Josef Hürmann from TTF Bönen, when the 2005 defending champion in the final won against Holger Pfeiffer of the TTSG Wennigsen in five games.

With Kai Friedrich (TTSG Wennigsen) and Ulrich Watermann (TTSV Schloss Holte-Sende) two more players from the front panel of the German hardbat ranking had found the way to Nordhorn, but more than one game win was not to pick for them against the two top players. In the men's double I-class players of the Hanover suburb club TTSG Wennigsen had won four times in a row, and Ulrich Watermann had lost there three times in a row in the final. Both series were now at an end: In their third common final, Franz-Josef Hürmann/Ulrich Watermann came to the goal for the first time after losing the first game in the final against the defending champions Holger Pfeiffer/Kai Friedrich and changing to defense play.

In the most populated men II competition with 16 starters from district leagues three hardbat newcomers came to the first places. Jan-Helge Petri (SF Schledehausen) prevailed in the final sovereign against Gerold Momann (TTG Versmold), whereas the first tournament winner from 2001, Kai Lenters (SV Olympia Laxten) together with Christian Reinike (SV Eintracht Nordhorn) won the men II doubles.

In the men III class for the players of county level there was a very close finish after four players finished with the same number of wins. At the end, Oleg Friesen of the TTV Mettingen was ahead, while Marco and Rudi Knospe from the host club SV Eintracht Nordhorn defended their doubles title from 2005.

In the junior class with Anastasia Pleshkova from SV Eintracht Nordhorn for first time a girl - in this case even a B cadet - advanced to the list of winners of the doubles, after winning with her teammate Tim Switzer. In the junior's singles the favorite Bezirksoberliga player Kevin Kurbjuweit (SV Olympia Laxten) sat down against his team-mate Jan-Niklas Hasken.

With a total of 38 starters, mainly from Lower Saxony and North Rhine-Westphalia, the number of participants of the previous year increased by over 50 %. The earlier date short after the end of the league matches of the only German hardbat tournament with more than one tournament class has thus proven to be the right step.