Nordhorn Brettchen Open 2013 at 25.05.2013

Christian Reinike now also winner of the main class of the Nordhorn Brettchen Open

Nordhorn (HH). With Christian Reinike from SC Union Emlichheim for the second time in the tournament's history of Nordhorn Brettchen Open, the oldest hardbat table tennis tournament in Germany, a player from Grafschaft Bentheim has secured the title in the main class. The strongest domestic hardbat player prevailed in the final against Jürgen Lohrie from SV Warsingsfehn and wrote himself into the list of winners of the main class as the second home-grown player after Kai Lenters (2001).

Here, the third of last year had shown great mental strength, as he had won four of his six matches only in the final game - as well as in the preliminary round against his later playoff opponent. In the final itself the Emlichheim player then came to his sole 3-0 and managed to make it as the first to enroll in all three men classes in the list of winners. He had won the men III in 2006 and men II in 2011. In the match for 3rd place, Reinhold Nüsse of SpVgg. Brandlecht/Hestrup won against his team mate Mike Schachner. Together Reinhold Nüsse and Jürgen Lohrie then in the final doubles competition came to success, however. They defeated the two Brandlecht players Nils Ballast and Mike Schachner in the final with 3-1 games.

In the men's competition to 1450 for players from the county leagues with Gerrit Erke and Henrik Lechtenberg from TTV Emsdetten two hardbat newbies came straight to victory. Both won the doubles against Pascal Brameier and Eugene Schmidt of the host SV Vorwärts Nordhorn. Gerrit Erke had previously also secured the singles title when he came in with tiny margin ahead of Klaus Hutmacher (SV Union Lohne) and youth player Pascal Brameier - only because of the better games ratio. All three had conducted one defeat in the competition done in the round-robin-system.

In the junior level both titles remained in Nordhorn, where the male and female pupils of SV Vorwärts Nordhorn made up the race alone. Vladimir Nagel won the singles final in the final game against Niklas Hornung, who had secured with Brian van Ledden the doubles title. In the final, the two B cadets prevailed against Tabea Veldboer/Lilly Zare from Nordhorn's female cadets champion team.