Nordhorn Classic Open 2023 at 03./04.06.2023

Tournament news
Thu., 08.06.2023 - Ulrich Watermann now at the top of the participation rankings

There have been only a few changes at the top of the various tournament statistics due to the 20th tournament. This is due to the fact that many of the people and clubs at the top of the individual rankings did not start this year and the successful new participants are naturally ranked further down. With his eighth victory, Lars Brinkhaus passed Franz-Josef Hürmann in the perpetual players' list and is now in second place behind Gilles Hébert. Marco Knospe, one of the tournament's perennial starters, has moved up seven places with his victory in the Sandpaper II doubles. In the ranking of the most successful clubs, organiser SV Vorwärts Nordhorn consolidated its top position, as all its successors were absent this time. Here SV Motor Wolgast played their way up from 101st place to 13th place thanks to the successes of Jens Mitzlaff. SV Motor Wolgast also reached 13th place for the most tournament starters. Here, too, nothing has changed in the first places. In the ranking with the most starts in Nordhorn, Ulrich Watermann with 15 participations has now replaced Hilmar Heinrichmeyer at the top, who in recent years has concentrated exclusively on tournament management and no longer on playing. Marco Knospe from Nordhorn is already in third place with 12 starts, which means that he has drawn level with Reinhold Nüsse.

Wed., 07.06.2023 - The tournament results and final standings are now also available on the tournament homepage

The results of the individual matches and the final scores of all twelve tournament competitions are now also available for download on the NBO tournament homepage.

Sun., 04.06.2023 - The tournament results are published on click-TT

Since Sunday night, the results of the individual matches can be read in the Tournament Calendar of click-TT Niedersachsen. Next to "Results" under "Participants" you can now find the final standings of all twelve tournament classes. Soon the results will also be available on this tournament homepage.

Sun., 04.06.2023 - Simon Offermann is unbeatable at sandpaper

At his first tournament start in Nordhorn, Simon Offermann from TTC Brauweiler dominated both sandpaper I competitions right away. After four of the five rounds in the singles he and co-favourite Lars Brinkhaus were both still undefeated, so that it came to a real final. This was then played in London WCPP style over three winning sets with two double point balls per player. In the first two sets, everything pointed to a quick success for the 32-year-old former regional league player, but somehow Brinkhaus managed to win the third set 15:13. In the final 15:10, however, Offermann then showed his strength with the sandpaper racket and secured his first tournament victory in Nordhorn, which was at the same time only the second German sandpaper success in the main class. He then won his second title in the doubles alongside his team mate Johannes Hinrichs - again against Brinkhaus, who was defeated here for the third time together with Jan Wienholz in his fourth final of the weekend.

Sun., 04.06.2023 - Jens Mitzlaff also represented in both sandpaper II finals

In the sandpaper II competition, there were many new faces this time compared to previous years. The list of winners has changed accordingly, with only new title holders. Like Lars Brinkhaus in the main class, Jens Mitzlaff from Wolgast was in all four finals in the second highest tournament class. On Sunday, after winning the sandpaper II singles against Marten Falentin (TTC Brauweiler), he was only stopped in the last match of the day in the sandpaper II doubles. Marco Knospe from SV Vorwärts Nordhorn, who had lost the hardbat singles on Saturday, took care of that and defended the doubles title he had won last year in the doubles final alongside Hendrik Gerrietzen (TV Sundwig) with a 15:12, 15:12 victory.

Sun., 04.06.2023 - Only 20 starters in both sandpaper classes

On the second day of the tournament, the response in both sandpaper classes fell short of expectations. After three late registrations and five cancellations, the registered 22 starters turned into 20 participants in the end. The six starters in the main class played in one group "everyone against everyone", and the 14 participants in sandpaper II were divided into two preliminary groups. Especially on Sunday, this year's absence of starters from abroad, who had always provided the largest contingent there in recent years, was most noticeable. On the other hand, the 20 German participants almost mean a new registration record for the sandpaper classes - only in 2015 did more German players participate on Sunday with 21. A total of 61 players will be competing in the 20th tournament, and the organisers, SV Vorwärts Nordhorn, can be quite satisfied with that. Only three times so far have slightly more players competed - the record is 70 starters in 2015.

Sat., 03.06.2023 - Lars Brinkhaus successful for the first time in Hardbat I

After winning several titles in the youth class, which was still held in the past, former Nordhorn player Lars Brinkhaus, currently in the service of Nienburg's Oberliga team SC Marklohe, won the singles competition in Hardbat I for the first time. In the end, he was clearly superior to all five opponents - none managed ten points against him in even one set. For Uli Watermann (TuS Bexterhagen), who also met Lars Brinkhaus undefeated in the last match, it was not enough to win the Hardbat I final in his fourth attempt. But the Bielefeld player extended his record in the doubles: At the side of the singles third Jan Wienholz (SV Motor Wolgast) he won the final against Brinkhaus and his partner Manfred Garwels (BV Essen) clearly at least in the 5th set and thus secured his 7th doubles title in Nordhorn.

Sat., 03.06.2023 - Without exception, new title holders in the lower hardbat classes

Although very well represented in terms of numbers, the local players were not enough to win the title in the lower Hardbat classes this time. Jörg Knospe/Stephan Latten in the Hardbat II doubles and Marco Knospe (all from SV Vorwärts Nordhorn) in the Hardbat II singles came closest. In the end, however, they had to admit defeat to the superiority of Jens Mitzlaff (SV Motor Wolgast), who not only had the furthest journey this time, but was also clearly the best player in this class. The Mecklenburg won the doubles alongside his club mate Lukas Krüger. There was also a doubles victory in Hardbat III. Michael Günther (TTC Osterfeld) from Oberhausen took care of that at his first tournament start in Nordhorn (in the doubles with Oliver Krause from the same club). In the Hardbat IV singles, the largest tournament class of the weekend, Philipp Schuhmann (SG Suderwich) won straight away. Tim Welling (SSC Dodesheide), who lost in the singles final, did not suffer in the doubles alongside Jannis Lakemeier (TTC Lengerich).

Sat., 03.06.2023 - 41 players take up the fight for eight hardbat titles

At 2.00 p.m. tournament director Hilmar Heinrichmeyer started with the welcome of the 41 participants at the 20th Nordhorn Brettchen Open. Due to two late entries and two cancellations, the number of participants in the hardbat classes did not change compared to the closing date. As there are at least six participants in all hardbat classes, all four hardbat classes and all eight competitions will be played as in the last two tournaments. With 14 and 15 starters (three groups each), Hardbat II and Hardbat IV will be the best filled, whereby the 15 starters for Hardbat IV will also be a new record for participants. Six players each compete in Hardbat I and III in one group.

Fri., 02.06.2023 - New individual winners in clickball singles are pre-programmed

At the seventh edition of sandpaper classes in the context of the Nordhorn Brettchen Open, according to the current registration status, only one player will start in both sandpaper classes who has already won a single or double title in sandpaper at the NBO. This is local Marco Knospe, who won the sandpaper II doubles together with Reinhold Nüsse at the last tournament in 2019. In any case, new names can be expected in the roll of honour in both singles competitions, as none of the previous winners have entered so far.

Fri., 02.06.2023 - Several former NBO Hardbat winners also compete in 2023

When comparing the honour roll of the previous hardbat winners of the Nordhorn Brettchen Open with this year's entry list, there are currently seven players who have already won a title at the NBO once in singles or doubles and who will be back again in 2023. These are Uli Watermann, Hendrik Gerrietzen, Heinz Passmann, Lars Brinkhaus, Friedrich Gerrietzen, Fabian Veldboer and Marco Knospe. The current entry lists make it seem possible that this time there will be new title holders in all four hardbat singles competitions who have never won in the singles in the respective class. In the Hardbat I class, this also applies to the two favourites Lars Brinkhaus and Uli Watermann, who have already won many titles in Nordhorn, but not in the Hardbat I singles, which was always won by foreign players in the last six tournaments.

Fri., 02.06.2023 - 63 entries the day before the tournament

While 56 registrations had been received by the closing date on Thursday evening, there was a further surge on Friday, so that 63 starters are now expected. This is a satisfactory response, which has only been exceeded three times in the last 19 tournaments. The number of entries could still be increased by last-minute registrations at the weekend. For the four hardbat classes on Saturday, there are 41 entries so far. There are currently 22 entries for the two sandpaper classes on Sunday. The largest class for the first time is the Hardbat IV competition with a pleasing 17 entries from many young players, which far exceeds the previous maximum number of 10 for this class. It is noticeable that the entries for the Nordhorn Brettchen Open arrived much earlier than before in the last four tournaments. Waiting until shortly before the closing date seems to have gone out of fashion. Almost all entries were received by email; only a few players used the registration option via myTischtennis. And there were no telephone entries at all this year! Furthermore, everything points to the fact that the internationally open NBO will only see players from German clubs at the start this time - then the prize money will stay in Germany!

Fri., 02.06.2023 - Hall construction completed

The hall set-up was completed shortly after 7 pm today. As Friday evening is now available to SV Vorwärts Nordhorn for training from 6.00 p.m., the table set-up could be started as early as before at the Frensdorf school. When tournament director Hilmar Heinrichmeyer arrived from Dortmund at 6.20 pm, Fabian Veldboer, Friedrich Gerrietzen, Claas Janke, Thorsten Boomhuis, Markus Hoffmann, Jens Hüsemann and Frank Plangemann had already rolled the twelve tables into the hall. They finished fine-tuning the tables and preparing the canteen and tournament management at 7 pm. At the weekend, for the first time in a long time, a loudspeaker system will be available for use, which Manfred Janke provided and set up. Since the club had recently had good experiences with setting up only three instead of four tables in the middle row and using the space gained for spectator benches, it was decided after a brief look at the number of entries and the time frame to hold the tournament "only" on eleven tables. However, the subsequent hardbat training was dispensed with because no out-of-town players showed up. Instead, some of the helpers took the opportunity to play some sandpaper for the first time.

Fri., 02.06.2023 - 36 high quality hardbat rackets are available

As in previous years, uniform high-quality hardbats produced especially for the Nordhorn tournament will be available for the hardbat competitions on Saturday. 25 bats had already been finished before the tournament, which was then cancelled in 2020, and tournament director Hilmar Heinrichmeyer has now finished another eleven just in time. All rackets have the all-round wood "TSP Picco" and are covered on the forehand and backhand side with the modern pimple rubber coating "Friendship R.I.T.C. 729 Dr. Evil" (forehand red/backhand black). With the same playing characteristics, the only difference is the three grip shapes: straight, concave and anatomical. This means that SV Vorwärts Nordhorn can offer all players at its tournament not only a uniform quality of hardbat racket, but also a high-class one with which much more is "possible" than with the very simple rackets that are predominantly used at many other hardbat tournaments.

Wed., 31.05.2023 - Sandpaper bats available for sale at the Nordhorn Classic Open

The light blue Dunlop sandpaper bats used at the Nordhorn Brettchen Open in recent years, which were not available for purchase in Germany, will be offered for sale at this year's tournament at a favourable price. The playing characteristics are almost identical to those of the new light grey Carlton racquets used this time at the NBO.

Wed., 31.05.2023 - 13 entries received the day before the closing date

In the course of Wednesday, a total of 13 more entries arrived at SV Vorwärts Nordhorn, so that with 56 registrations there are now more than the average of the last six tournaments - only once before there were more entries at this time. As the entries are distributed relatively evenly over the six tournament classes, all individual competitions will be played in any case. With currently 13 players, the Clickball II class on Sunday is the strongest. It is striking that so far most of the players have been registered from the WTTV area. This tendency has recently been strengthened by the players from TTC GW Brauweiler and SG Suderwich. So far, no entries have been received from abroad. It is possible that the recruitment of participants in the Netherlands, Belgium and France started too late this year.

Sun., 28.05.2023 - Results of the NBO 2023 will be incorporated into the world rankings for hardbat and sandpaper

For some months now, there has been a new attempt to compile world rankings for hardbat and sandpaper players. The person responsible is Steve Claflin from Michigan in the USA, who has compiled the results of numerous hardbat and sandpaper tournaments worldwide. The Elo-based rankings on are still under construction, but with more and more results they will soon become more meaningful and can possibly be used for the NBO seeding in the future. After the tournament, the results of the Nordhorn tournament will also be incorporated into the new world rankings. Besides hardbat and sandpaper, there is a third category, "wood". Tournaments with rackets without any surface at all (wood) are mainly played in Brazil.

Sun., 28.05.2023 - Again hardbat and sandpaper training the day before the tournament

As in previous years, the set-up of the tournament hall of the NBO will already be done on Friday evening from 6.00 pm. Afterwards, the tournament hall is traditionally available for an open hardbat and sandpaper training evening. If guests from out of town arrive on Friday, they are cordially invited to join the training in the gym of the ALMA school on von-Behring-Straße from around 7 pm.

Thu., 25.05.2023 - Receipt of entries remains very good

Exactly one week before the closing date on Thursday evening, there are exactly as many entries for the Nordhorn Brettchen Open as there were on average at the same time in the last six previous tournaments. Six tournaments were chosen as a basis for comparison because the sandpaper classes were introduced at that time. However, with 35 entries a week before the closing date, the previous high of 47 entries in 2017 was not reached at the comparable time. In view of the experience that almost half of all participants in the last six tournaments have always registered in the last week before the tournament, it is quite conceivable that the participation record of 70 starters from 2015 will be exceeded this time. It is striking that again many of the participants want to start on both tournament days and that most of the starters so far do not come from Lower Saxony but from North Rhine-Westphalia.

Thu., 25.05.2023 - Press has been informed about the NBO

Almost all daily newspapers in Lower Saxony, Bremen, Hamburg and North Rhine-Westphalia have been supplied with a press release about the Nordhorn Brettchen Open today. In this way, SV Vorwärts Nordhorn hopes to further publicise its tournament and in particular to be able to reach those TT athletes who are not accessible for advertising via internet homepage or e-mail.

Tue., 23.05.2023 - Will Ulrich Watermann manage the first individual victory this time?

Ulrich Watermann has already won the Hardbat I doubles competition at the Nordhorn Brettchen Open six times, but the most loyal NBO competitor is still waiting for his first singles title. Will the participant in the German Seniors Championship manage that at his 14th tournament start at this year's anniversary tournament of all places? One and a half weeks before the tournament, the experienced pimples outside specialist from the East Westphalian Verbandsliga club TuS Bexterhagen is the player with the second highest Q-TTR (1843) so far behind Lars Brinkhaus.

Mon., 22.05.2023 - Reunion with Hendrik Gerrietzen

An old acquaintance from Nordhorn will compete at the NBO for the sixth time. Hendrik Gerrietzen, who came out of the youth department of SV Eintracht Nordhorn and has been working professionally in the Sauerland for many years, will play table tennis in Nordhorn again, as he did in the last five tournaments. He will be competing for TV Sundwig.

Sun., 21.05.2023 - Nordhorn tournament management team in action in Düsseldorf

Two weeks before the Nordhorn Brettchen Open, the five-member tournament management team of SV Vorwärts Nordhorn has been challenged in a completely different way. At the Quooker PingPongParkinson German Open in DTTZ in Düsseldorf, the Nordhorners are responsible for the tournament management in the two halls with 34 tables. Since Thursday, Tabea Veldboer, Maren Boomhuis, Dieter Benen, Fabian Veldboer and Hilmar Heinrichmeyer have been working there and organising the competitions in the 15 competitions for the 199 starters who have been assigned to three performance classes depending on the degree of their Parkinson's disease. Compared to the Nordhorn Brettchen tournament, this means hard work for the well-rehearsed team, which has also been involved in the last two PPP German Open in Obererlenbach (2022) and Nordhorn (2021). NBO co-founder Thorsten Boomhuis, who has been the head of PingPongParkinson Germany since 2020, set up another tournament in 2021 with the help of his home club, the PPP German Open.

Sun., 21.05.2023 - 600 kilometre journey to the Nordhorn Brettchen Open

This will certainly be the longest journey to the NBO this year: Three players from SV Motor Wolgast in Mecklenburg have registered and will travel 600 kilometres (one way) to get there. Of course, it is worth it that they will compete on both days! Two of the three know what they are doing - they took part also at the last tournament in 2019 in Nordhorn!

Thu., 18.05.2023 - Two more clubs take part for the first time: SSC Dodesheide and TTC Osterfeld

Once again, entries have been received from clubs for whom the NBO is new territory. SSC Dodesheide from Osnabrück and TTC Osterfeld from Oberhausen will be represented by three and two players respectively in the hardbat classes on Saturday.

Sun., 14.05.2023 - Heinz Passmann will be there again

The fact that not only the NBO starters with a high level will come to Nordhorn again was now made clear once more by the entry of Heinz Passmann from Concordia Belm-Powe. The 72-year-old had competed in the two lowest classes for the first time in 2017 and is trying for the fourth time in a row on both days this time. In both of the last two tournaments, he won in the Hardbat IV doubles alongside junior players from SV Vorwärts Nordhorn. This shows once again that our tournament is interesting for players of all ages.

Sun., 14.05.2023 - With TTC Lengerich, SuS Stadtlohn and TuS Ende three new clubs will start at the NBO

With at least two starters each, three more clubs will enter the perpetual list of participants of the NBO. The entries of the three WTTV clubs TTC Lengerich, SuS Stadtlohn and TuS Ende are not least attributed to the intensified recruitment of participants in North Rhine-Westphalia.

Sun., 14.05.2023 - The first "2000er" has registered

With Lars Brinkhaus, who came out of TV Nordhorn, the first player with a Q-TTR value of over 2000 has now registered - to be exact, he had a Q-TTR value of 2143 in the February calculation. The long-time Regionalliga and Oberliga player is currently active in the Oberliga at SC Marklohe in Hanover and will play on both days. With seven titles at the NBO, he is in third place in the perpetual best list and could take over the top spot if he is successful several times.

Sat., 13.05.2023 - Nordhorn Classic Open now also included in the sandpaper tournament calendar

Jürgen Leu (Erfurt), who is responsible for sandpaper in DTTB, has now included the Nordhorn tournament in the tournament calendar of This means that all German sandpaper players will now also find out about the Nordhorn tournament on the official sandpaper site.

Sat., 13.05.2023 - Tournament news now also in English

For a long time now, the tournament announcement, the preview and the tournament report of the NBO have been available in English. Since this year the tournament news are also added. In view of the international participation in the oldest German tournament for classical table tennis, this is a good opportunity for the foreign interested parties to inform themselves about the preparation of the tournament and the details.

Sat., 13.05.2023 - Entries for the NBO also possible via myTischtennis

We would like to point out that also this year the entry for the NBO is possible via the table tennis portal myTischtennis. Until the entry deadline on Thursday, June 1, all TT players registered there can choose this way to submit their entry for the individual competitions. An additional mail is not necessary then. This way was not possible before May 15, 2023 because the Q-TTR values of May 11, 2023 were not fixed before and therefore the eligibility of the players in the six tournament classes could not be checked by the portal.

Sat., 13.05.2023 - Women and girls are also welcome in the NBO 2023

Even though there are no separate classes for ladies and girls at the Nordhorn Classic Open, women and girls are once again very welcome in Nordhorn on both tournament days. They are eligible to compete in all six classes. The women - just like the men and boys - will be divided into the four hardbat tournament classes (up to 1200/up to 1400/up to 1600/up to 3000) or into the two sandpaper classes (up to 1600/up to 3000) according to their Q-TTR values from the andro ranking list.

Sat., 13.05.2023 - What does "TTR-related" and "TTR-relevant" actually mean?

Since the quarterly TTR values from the andro ranking list have played a decisive role in all tournaments in Germany for several years now, we have to point out two differences which are very important for our tournament: All classes of NBO 2023 are "TTR-related" - this means that the class classification "refers" to the Q-TTR values of May 11, 2023. These values are therefore decisive for the class classification in the hardbat and sandpaper classes. However, the NBO 2023 are not "TTR-relevant" - the results are therefore not included in the andro ranking and therefore have no "relevance" for the ranking. This applies to the four hardbat classes on Saturday as well as to the two sandpaper classes on Sunday. Not only our classical tournament is not TTR-relevant - in principle no hardbat and sandpaper tournaments can be TTR-relevant at all, because they are not played 1:1 according to the international TT-rules, but with deviations from them (especially regarding the racket material). So, nobody has to be afraid that by participating in our tournament his TTR value will deteriorate - on the other hand, a good performance in our tournament will not improve it either!

Fri., 12.05.2023 - Please do not report doubles yet!

SV Vorwärts Nordhorn points out that it is currently too early for double entries. In Nordhorn these can only be handed in on the day of the tournament, orally at the tournament management. In this way the tournament management saves the annoying work with re-registrations of doubles, because on the tournament day they only have to deal with final double registrations, which consist exclusively of players who actually arrived. Therefore it is pointless to register for doubles now - the registration list will only be opened on the tournament Saturday.

Fri., 12.05.2023 - NBO ideal training opportunity for the 9th German Clickball Cup

This year, as in the previous year, the German Clickball Championships will take place in the middle of the year, on June 17/18, 2023, again in Fulda at FV Horas Fulda. The tournament in Fulda is open to all German players and will take place exactly two weeks after the NBO. Thus, the tournament in Nordhorn again offers an excellent opportunity for all starters there to prepare for the German Championships under competitive conditions. We hope that some of the best German sandpaper players will start in Nordhorn and that the traditionally well-represented players from the Netherlands, Belgium and France will meet an equal German competition this year.

Thu., 11.05.2023 - Nordhorn Classic Open is 2023 the only open tournament in table tennis regional federation Ems-Vechte

After the merger of the two district associations Emsland and Grafschaft Bentheim in the summer of 2019, to which the table tennis department of the NBO organiser has belonged for all 55 years of its existence, SV Vorwärts Nordhorn is now a member of the table tennis regional federation Ems-Vechte. And even though the catchment area of the new regional federation is four times as large as that of Grafschaft Bentheim, this does not change the fact that the NBO is the only internationally open tournament in the new regional federation. Unfortunately, the former major tournaments of ESV Lingen and SV Union Meppen are no longer held in Emsland. Although the regional association itself organises two open tournaments - the Grafschafter Vorgabeturnier and the Emsländische Nostalgie-Cup, these tournaments are only open to players from the clubs of the Ems-Vechte region.

Thu., 11.05.2023 - Internet information completed

The tournament homepage of the Nordhorn Classic Open has finally been updated and holds all information about the tournament in 2023. This includes the announcement, the English translation of the announcement, a pdf version of the announcement to download and the directions to the hall of the Anne-Frank-Schule.

Wed., 10.05.2023 - Previous participants and interested parties have been emailed

Today, tournament director Hilmar Heinrichmeyer informed numerous people about the Nordhorn Brettchen Open by e-mail. The notification with reference to the highlights of the tournament as well as to the tournament homepage went in particular to the department heads of the clubs from the near and far circle around Nordhorn, but also to other individuals who have taken part in the tournament in the last few years or who are considered as possible interested parties. Since almost no more announcements are sent by post, the tournament notice by mail is now the main advertising measure for the tournament.

Tue., 09.05.2023 - The sandpaper classes play again with the grey Carlton bat

For the second time since the last event in 2019, the NBO will once again be played with the new official Carlton sandpaper bats from England. These are the same bats that were used at the last two editions of the now defunct WCPP (World Championship of Ping-Pong) at Alexandra Palace in London in 2019 and 2020.

Sat., 15.04.2023 - Participant recruitment has started

At the state championships for seniors 40 to 55 in Sittensen, the announcements for the NBO 2023 were now laid out for the first time in order to draw the attention of the tournament participants here in particular to this year's tournament in Nordhorn. This marks the start of participant advertising with the paper invitations to tender this year, which will be used to draw attention to the Nordhorn tournament in addition to internet advertising.

Thu., 13.04.2023 - No more tournament advertising at tt-news

For eleven years now, all open tournaments from most of the German table tennis regional associations have been listed in the click-TT tournament calendar and consequently also on myTischtennis. This has drastically reduced the importance of the other internet tournament calendars, and that is why SV Vorwärts Nordhorn is again refraining from advertising in such tournament calendars this year. This now also applies to the tt-news discussion forum. Since its importance and level have declined considerably in recent months, SV Vorwärts will refrain from corresponding entries in the tournament sections of the neighbouring national associations from this year onwards.

Wed., 12.04.2023 - Marco Knospe is first on the entry list

No sooner had the NBO 2023 been announced in the click-TT tournament calendar than the first entry was received. Marco Knospe from the host club registered immediately. He is one of the permanent starters at the Nordhorn tournament and has not only already won several times in the lower hardbat competitions in doubles, but is also the current defending champion in the Sandpaper II doubles.

Mon., 10.04.2023 - Nordhorn Classic Open 2023 now officially approved

By appropriate processing in the tournament module of click-TT, TTVN has today, less than one week after the application, granted the tournament permission for the requested 20th edition of the Nordhorn Classic Open. The tournament can now be found in the tournament calendar of click-TT Lower Saxony with its announcement details. At the same place the participants and the results will be shown after the tournament.

Thu., 06.04.2023 - Tournament information in paper form completed

The tournament announcement for the Nordhorn Classic Open 2023, which again consists of a four-page leaflet in DIN A5 format, has now been completed. With just under two months to go before the tournament, the recruitment of participants at other events can now start.

Tue., 04.04.2023 - Application for tournament permission now completed

SV Vorwärts Nordhorn's tournament director Hilmar Heinrichmeyer has now entered the application for tournament approval for the 20th edition of the Nordhorn Classic Open into the tournament module of click-TT and is now waiting for approval by the TT Association of Lower Saxony, which is responsible for the approval of internationally open tournaments.

Sat., 01.04.2023 - Katrin Harms-Ensink acts as head referee at the NBO for the first time

The head referee for Germany's oldest hardbat tournament has been chosen: the Hoogstede association referee Katrin Harms-Ensink will be officiating at our tournament for the first time. Thanks to her commitment, SV Vorwärts Nordhorn will save the travel costs for a referee with the appropriate qualifications who lives further away. However, the tournament will not be completely new for the head referee: She has already taken part in our tournament as a junior player in previous years.

Mon., 29.08.2022 - Tournament date published in international hardbat forum

Recently, there have been increased activities in the USA to bring the sport of hardbat further forward. For example, there was recently a Hardbat World Championship there for the second time after 2021, which was impressively won by Leipzig's sandpaper ace and second league player Alexander Flemming. The competition consisted mainly of American hardbat players and was without a chance against the hardbat newcomer Flemming. However, many of the presumably world's best hardbat players did not take part, probably also because they did not know anything about this World Championship. At least there is a new English-language website,, on which, among other things, attention is drawn to hardbat tournaments. Tournament director Hilmar Heinrichmeyer has entered the date for the NBO 2023 here today, so that interested international players have the opportunity to plan accordingly.

Sat., 18.06.2023 - Discount system for entry fees remains in place

For the 20th NBO, the SV Vorwärts Nordhorn will continue to charge a uniform entry fee of €10 for adults and €5 for junior players, which is unchanged for the seventh time. As before, clubs will be able to reduce their entry fee through two different discounts. If there are four or more players on one day, the discount for that day is 25%, clubs with ten or more players on one day even only have to pay half of the entry fee on that day. Of course, the discounts only come into effect if the registered players actually start and are not just "registered". Therefore, each day will be evaluated on its own merits.

Sat., 18.06.2022 - There will still be two sandpaper classes in 2023

In 2023 there will again be two sandpaper classes. This will give even the not so powerful players a chance to win a tournament. The Sandpaper II class will be open up to 1600 TTR points, so that over 90% of the local players will be eligible to play in it.

Sat., 18.06.2022 - This year again four hardbat classes are offered

As in the last six tournaments, there will be no hardbat classes divided by age in 2023, but all players - regardless of age and gender - will be divided into four classes based on Q-TTR values, separated by playing strength. While the main Hardbat I class is open to all (up to 3000), the Hardbat II class remains at a maximum of 1600 TTR points, Hardbat III at 1400 points and the Hardbat IV class at 1200 TTR points. Classes III and IV are likely to be the classes where most of the young players will find themselves, and where they will meet the men and women from the lowest divisions. Decisive for the tournament will be the Q-TTR values from the andro ranking list of May 11, 2023.

Thu., 16.06.2022 - 20th Nordhorn Classic Open definitely at June 3 and 4, 2023

Now that it is certain that the sports hall of Anne-Frank-Schule at von-Behring-Straße will be available on the desired date in the second quarter of the year, 3 and 4 June, the anniversary edition of the Nordhorn Classic Open will again take place this weekend as a hardbat and sandpaper tournament. For this purpose, 12 tournament tables will be set up again. The further details of the tournament will be determined in the next few days, whereby almost nothing will change in the proven mode of the previous years.